Scrubs Wraps & Back Facial

Firm, smooth and detoxify your whole body!

A body scrub is an essential treatment for removing dead skin cells, increasing the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin. Our cruelty free body scrubs use combinations of 100% organic ingredients to exfoliate and promote skin renewal. A perfect treatment before a massage or wrap!

Body Scrubs

French Lavender Body Scrub
Lemon Verbena Body Scrub
Orange Blossom Body Scrub
30 min | $125

Yon-Ka Marine Body Scrub
Aromatic and invigorating body polish, advised as a prep treatment to other treatments. It is also recommended before and after sun exposure to optimize the evenness of your tan.
30 min | $185

La Prairie Luxurious Body Scrub
La Prairie’s Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator will polishes your skin to perfection, energize your body  and uplift your senses, followed by  La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Body Soufflé that will illuminate, firm and tone  your skin. 
30 min | $395

Body Wraps

Organic Activated Charcoal & Dead Sea Mud Wrap
Detox your body with this fantastic charcoal wrap. Because of its detoxifying properties, activated charcoal helps to extract and eliminate poisons from your body and improves blood circulation. Furthermore this wrap helps to remove dead skin cells and reduces cellulite, leaving your skin smooth, glowing and radiant!
Use caution when doing body wrap. Any body wrap treatment may be unsuitable or even dangerous for people with certain medical conditions: heart disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, high temperature sensitivity. Always keep hydrated. Never drink alcohol before the wrap. Never do body wrap when on medication.
30 min | $175

Yon-Ka Marine Body Wrap
Slimming, aromatic and  invigorating body Wrap.
30 min | $195

La Prairie Luxurious Body Wrap
A warm ultra-hydrating, slimming and energizing Wrap Treatment to relax and soothe the skin followed by  La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Body Soufflé that will illuminate, firm and tone  your skin.
30 min | $395 

Back Facial

This facial follows the same steps as a traditional facial. The back is first cleansed and exfoliated deeply. The second step removes impurities and imperfection from beneath the skins surface. Then a mask is applied. The final step involves moisturizing the back to hydrate and restore nutrients.
30 - 35 min | $125