Ozonated Salt Water Lap Pool & Whirlpool

Our European Style Salt Water Lap Pool offers a completely serene and relaxing ambiance! It is ozonated and treated with Ultra Violet Light to remove any harmful bacteria, fungi, yeasts, mold and mildew without the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine.

Five benefits of Salt Water Pools:

  1. Great for the Skin
    Chlorine can leave our skin dry and itchy after a swim. Alternatively, salt water is actually good for the skin. It can leave your skin feeling smoother and softer, and studies have been done that prove how salt water can help with skin disorders like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Salt water also acts as a natural moisturizer and exfoliator, increasing our skin’s ability to retain moisture.

  2. Anti-Stress Properties
    The more stressed we are, the less our bodies are able to function properly. Salt water helps promote our body’s natural relaxation process leaving us feeling refreshed after each swim.

  3. Alternative to the gym
    Exercise is important to our overall health. A salt water pool allows us to workout in a more relaxed setting than that offered by a traditional gym. Swimming is a great workout because you’re resisting the flow of the water with every stroke, making your body work harder than it would if you were simply exercising using a piece of gym equipment, like a treadmill or elliptical machine. Swimming in a salt water pool also helps you concentrate on your breathing (you don’t have a choice, you can’t breathe under water), which is something we tend to forget to do when we’re trying to burn calories at the gym.

  4. Better on the Joints
    Swimming in a salt water pool is better on the joints and muscles than a traditional chlorinated pool. Salt water contains bromide, a mineral that helps relieve those everyday aches, pains and soreness we all feel deep within our joints and muscles. Furthermore, people who are recovering from an injury will find it easier to move within a salt water pool as the bromide helps their muscles and joints recover.

  5. No Side-Effects
    Some people are sensitive to chlorine and have trouble breathing when they’re swimming in an over-chlorinated pool. Also, chlorine can make your eyes red and irritated from the chemicals within. However, salt water pools won’t leave your eyes red and your lungs irritated.

Pool Access:

30 min $45 (per person)
45 min $55 (per person)
60 min $65 (per person)